Polka dot curtains make room be full of vitality

The choice of the curtain is very important for the house decoration. The curtains play a vital role in the decoration; sometimes it can even decide a main color tone of the room so. It is free for you to match the textures and colors of curtains when you choose the curtain, so that can make your home better. And the house would be more colorful. Now the most popular pattern of the curtain is the polka dot, it is not only fashionable, but also very practical. Here we’d like to introduce this style of curtain with more detailed information as followed.

Choosing a thin texture curtain would make the whole space to be more transparent, because many living room or dining area is very small, if you choose the thick curtain, it will make the space look smaller, and therefore choosing a light curtain with the pattern of polka, with a layer of lace decoration is the key point. You can also add a layer of hollow gauze as modified clothes, which would make the whole room look livelier.

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The color choosing of the curtains is also a key point; we have to take the whole feeling of the house, and the color of the walls of the room into the consideration.

We can choose indoor dominant color as the contrast color, so that can balance the whole room color. If the pattern of the curtain of the room is the polka dots, we can match it with the big red floral sofa, which will make the overall color appear harmonious, will not give people heavy feeling. Selecting white furniture is the best, so that the whole room will look more clear and bright.

polka dot curtain

Hanging the eyebrow to cover the top part of the curtain, which would make the whole polka dot curtain look more concise and simple, and it also let the original flavor curtains look more vivid. But for the choice of the curtain, still should be different from man to man and varies with the environment, it should also obey the characteristics of the host. Choosing the polka dot curtain follows the popular trend, it would not only show the beauty of the curtain but also will help to display the own effect of the house. The curtain can be used for different age people. The polka dot curtain is the clever choice.

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