Pay attention to Toluene exceeded when select blackout curtains

As we all know , the first thing to select a house is considering the good lighting of the house ang it becomes a big advantage , but the glare of the sunlight has become a headache problem for many people. How to resist the glare of the sunlight in your bedroom ? Select a suitable blackout curtains for your bedroom is your best option. However, the diverse types of curtains , the varies materials and difference in price, people are getting confused as there are so many species of curtains, how should you choose?

Whether the blackout curtains works does not depend on the thickness of curtains. How to distinguish the shading effect? It is not from the thickness of the curtains , some curtains are made of velvet , the fabric feels solid and very thick , but in fact it is normal in shading effect.

The most simple and effective way to identify the shading effect of curtains is to select a good shade cloth, looking towards the light or sunlight. Use the curtains to cover eyes to see the sun outside, if you can see hardly see any light, the blackout curtain is 100% shading effect. But as a matter of fact, there is no 100% blackout curtains. This 100% blackout curtains can not be done.

Inferior blackout curtains are easily toluene exceeded. Blackout curtains can be divided into two types according to the sales market, one is the chemical blackout curtain which hanging an additional coating layer outside, due to the usage of glue, it is almost impossible to completely non-toxic, some blackout curtains even have stimulating odor. Another is a physical sunscreen, which two curtains with a layer of woven black silk weaving , these blackout curtains can be spun as easily , without any coating and chemical composition , we do not need to worry about the silver-out, it is green harmless. Currently on the market, the price of blackout curtains are twenty or thirty Shades per meter,which use chemical layers to achieve the shading effect. Because of the process does not have a high density , they crushed by the rag and then glued together to achieve the shading effect . The curtains in the course , through the sunlight, which contain excess methanol , then the toxic ingredients will be released over time and cause harm to humans .

we should carefully choose curtains , Cheap blackout curtains are seemingly innocuous actually poisonous , it is recommended to buy physical shading weaving blackout curtains.

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